Hamilton North School

Specialist Learning Centre

Vision Statement

Hamilton North is a school where students know that:

  • Everyone treats each day as a new beginning 
  • Teamwork is central to our philosophy 
  • They are valued as unique individuals co-operatively supported by their family and school 
  • Their potential will be maximised by offering them new challenges and opportunities 
  • A safe and caring environment is provided 
  • Their successes will be celebrated

Mission Statement

To enable all students to develop their potential with regards to their abilities, to foster skills and provide opportunities , which allow them to successfully integrate into our multicultural society.

Contact Us


Warwick Avenue
Te Rapa

Postal Address:

P.O. Box 102 60
Te Rapa

Phone: (07) 849 3029

Email : admin@hamnorth.school.nz

For finance inquries please email : finance@hamnorth.school.nz

To contact our Prinicpal, Tony Kane, please email : principal@hamnorth.school.nz

To contact our Deputy Principal, Leonie Matthews, please email : deputyprincipal@hamnorth.school.nz

To contact our Assistant Principal, Michele Smith, please email : assistantprincipal@hamnorth.school.nz

Crawshaw Satellite - Phone (07) 8497628

Waipa Satellite - Phone (07) 824 8753

Te Totara Satellite - Phone (07) 282 0896

Rototuna Satellite - Phone (07) 8540568